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Available Job Positions:

Woodworking / Milling
We are on the hunt for a woodworker who is comfortable with a table saw, jointer and a planer to create highly precise square stock material for the creation of wooden puzzles. Applicant only requires general woodworking knowledge, but must be experienced with a table saw.

  • Part time; Flexible work hours
  • $17 / hr starting (training)
  • $20 / hr (trained)
  • Plane & Joint raw exotic lumber in the processes to create square stock
  • Rip & final plane material to technical specifications using precision calipers
  • Expert on using, setup and maintain table saws
  • Attentive at task oriented production schedules

Once applicant has received proper training on equipment and material handling; is able to take raw lumber into finished square stock on a consistent basis with little to zero management oversight, the employee will receive a starting pay of $17 / hr as a trained employee. Expected training to be 2-4 weeks, depending on applicant's abilities.

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