Fear Knot!

What has been will be built again. 

Never need to fear about missing out on important new puzzle releases. With our unique Building Block voxel system, it allows us to rapid build puzzles and best yet, its 100% scalable from 1 to 100; no limits!

Like a puzzle but its Out Of Stock? Hit the "Notify When Available" button, select your variant, add your email and press the button! Easy as pie! You can have your cake too!

Use the "Receive Push Notification" to allow your browser to send you a pop-up notification either on your desktop or mobile smart phone. It works great on Google Chrome and be the first to know when your item gets added, then buy it right away!

Add as many products to your "wish list" by using this feature as it'll allow me to see who wants what in which woods; then I can easily shift gears and make a small micro batch during the week or plan for a bigger release down the road. No more FOMO!

New Products Get!

We changed the Baz's Building Block layout and ordering process online and made it a little more simple for first time DIY puzzle crafters by offering simple bundles!

First of many, the Voxel Bundles will vary in the total voxel amounts in 150, 330 and 550 packs that use 1-3 voxel units with mixed woods. 50% is American Domestic Whites and the rest are colored woods like Padauk, Sapele and Walnut.

Easy to addon extra blocks with the individual section. Buy 1 or 1000! These are all production pieces and go through 3-4 Quality Control checks to make sure they will work as intended.

But no need to fret, our new BBB policy means that we provide 1 extra piece of each part for every 25 units. Order 25, get 26! Order 100, get 104!

Order Now! Ship Later!

Thanks to our successful switch and launch on Shopify, we have complete control of the ordering process which allows us to give you more options!

On check out, select one of two options

  1. Combine order | Invoice when shipped
  2. Hold

Don't worry about shipping, we will take care of that for you and never over pay! When your order(s) are ready to ship, we will contact you by email and send you a custom invoice on the shipping quote. Make sure you tell us during checkout in a message if you prefer UPS, USPS, or DHL or have special shipping instructions. FedEx can be selected if desired.

Want all the puzzles? We have a dedicated shelf for your orders so you can wait to build up stock and then you let us know when to ship it to you! Hold for however long you'd like.

We have space for you! We aren't being shelfish!