The Chopsticks Catalog

Our handcrafted wooden chopsticks and chopstick accessories are made from the finest quality, hand selected exotic woods from around the world. Everything is made by us in house from scratch with rigorous quality control standards after years of skill and training. 

Custom Chopsticks

Beautifully handcrafted wooden chopsticks. Leave it blank or customize it, the choice is yours!

Core Species and Tier II

Rare Chopsticks

Harder to find woods that requires some extra effort to craft into chopsticks.

Tier III and above.

Art Chopsticks

Graphic art that is purposely designed to wrap around each chopsitck individually.

Novel Chopsticks

Laser engraved with jokes to make you eye-roll for sushi rolls! Make a splash with a large stock of puns.


Reclaimed woods made to help with your fine dining etiquette. 

Travel Sleeves

A great companion to protect your nice investment when you take your chopsticks on the go!