• Otakon Returns!

    The Baz is back at it with the 2nd large con this weekend; this time at Otakon in DC! The Nation's Capitol with tons of anime fanboys all walking around in awesome cosplay!

  • Congrats Shaun of VA!

    Congratulations to Shaun of Virginia for winning this past weekend's Rare Leopardwood version of the Smol Boi from our email subscriber list! Free puzzle is always a good feeling!
  • End of July News

    Like puzzles? Want one for free? Join the newsletter to win! Plus actual news!

  • Raleigh GalaxyCon 2021!

    Life after the Con-tagion, Con's are happening again! See us in the real world today at Raleigh GalaxyCon!
  • TIC'ed Off

    New news about the Bite Size Series TIC's currently being finished up. We kicked things up a knotch. We knocked on wood for that joke.
  • Fear Knot!

    What has been will be built again. Never need to fear about missing out on important new puzzle releases.

  • Hello World!

    Welcome to what will be the first of many news updates about Baz. Check out what we are about and see our latest builds!