Otakon Returns!

Conventions back to back! Feels great being out in the real world instead of being stuck in the matrix.

The Baz is back at it with the 2nd large con this weekend; this time at Otakon in DC! The Nation's Capitol with tons of anime fanboys all walking around in awesome cosplay!

The shows started Friday and has been a non-stop so far! We are so busy this weekend that we haven't even taken an updated photo beyond what we were building the booth in the morning.

We literally bring 2x4 and construct our booth on site. We don't have a plan, we have an idea. Plus we bring enough tools (and a hard hat) to get the job done and fast. I'll have a better photo on our social media today so if you wanted to see our booth, keep up to date on the socials for updated info!

We are so excited about this show, I designed a new puzzle called the "Otaku"! Check it out below!

The Otaku is a simple packing puzzle designed by Jeff Baz in July 2021 for Otakon 2021 to celebrate the fact that events are opening back up from a devastating pandemic. Each piece is unique and will fit in a 5x5x2 tray, but there is only two solutions. I use my standard sized 1/2" voxel cubes for the build. The signature piece is in the shape of a fish!

Baz's Building Blocks Update!

We have been working non-stop for weeks trying to keep up demand! And its awesome!

I suspended individual sales of the BBB's last week because we are running out of everything! These are literally production pieces to help build everything from the TIC's to the latest packing puzzles. We hired our first full time employee back last week to help with BBB production and we ordered a bunch more part bins shelving to keep everything organized.

Our goal is to relaunch the BBB's in the next 2 weeks with set bundles and kits, but we will offer BBB individual sales through a special "builder only" portal that you will have to complete the "Baz's Bootcamp" BBB training program. It'll be free and basically a tutorial wiki about how I use my BBB's for my builds. Once you learn the process and "graduate", I'll tag your account as a builder! Simple, easy and then you'll gain access to my entire WIP parts!

Buy 1 or 100 again of any species I have in stock at that exact moment! Everything is barcoded so if I pull 1000 for my own needs, it'll be instantly updated on the website.


I have a large list of things to build this month in time for DragonCon, the biggest show that we will vend at for 2021. I will have a build and production plan next week on the latest puzzles this month as things are shifting fast.

Again, keep updated faster with puzzle news by following us on Facebook and Instagram. If you are on the MP puzzle discord; I regularly update news in the "upcoming puzzle" section.

Again. Thanks to all for allowing us to rebuild!