Hello World!

Welcome to what will be the first of many news updates about Baz. Check out what we are about and see our latest builds!

Joke Marblewood Tri-Color

I'm excited to showcase this new website that I have spent tirelessly on these past two weeks as we rebuilt the woodcraft business to pre-pandemic levels. I can't say enough how happy and grateful I am to have people like you being our patron, our fans, our friends over these past few years so for us to start over is bitter sweet. At least this time we are on better footing with tons of projects in the works!

I have recently added puzzle production to our list of products since April with great reception in the puzzle community. We have a list of big name designers working with us so to have access to that level of talent and then to make their stuff is mind blowing. I hope everyone else thinks the same way. Here's a list of designers we are working with now on current builds:

  • László Molnár
  • Alex Magyarics
  • Andrew Crowell
  • William Hu
  • Leontev Aleksandr
  • Chris Lohe
  • Osanori Yamamoto

As more builds come our way, we will be constantly updating and restocking current designs with all of the flavors that you enjoy. If you see something that you like and its out of stock, no need to fret! Click the "Notify When Available" widget, choose your variant you want and submit with an email and/or browser push notify. It helps me out to know when to rebuild and by how many. 

I'm also excited to officially launch the Baz Building Blocks (or known as BBB) which are actual production pieces as part of my puzzle builds. Its based on a simple voxel system using simple math with +/- versions to add or take away tolerances for different build scenarios. It allows me to build cubic/voxel based puzzles very quickly as everything is made in large standardized batches is all the different wood species.

I currently have over 100 species in stock, mostly for my chopstick craft, but I do plan on offering more species as time goes by. I also plan on expanding to other voxel sizes such as .250, .400, .600 and .750. No dates set in stone, but the .500 cubes I already have work for my needs and puzzles currently. This allows anyone to be a puzzle crafter, even if you have access to no tools; just need wood glue and something straight!

Thanks for taking the time to read and checkout our store front!