Baz Building Block Policy

If you purchase the Baz Building Block (BBB) pieces, pack or kits, here is our policy pertaining to our product(s):

  1. The sticks are milled .003" under voxel (nominal) size, but due to humidity and wood type, the actual size may vary by as much as .015 in certain conditions. In most situations at 50% humidity, all stick should be +/- by .003-.006ย of the milled size. In most puzzle build situations, this is acceptable.
  2. The voxel lengths are crosscut per their voxel size (nominal is also actual) for any whole number voxel cut lengths.
  3. Any + or - variations of a voxel length are cut to be oversized or undersized by .007-.012 to allow for space or gap; providing clearance and tolerance for certain puzzle build situations
  4. All ordered individual pieces, packs or kits are shipped with a 4% wastage. 1 extra piece is given for every 25 piece as a gesture of good faith. If Individual pieces are ordered, wastage extra piece does not get added unless 25 or more pieces are ordered.
  5. All sides are considered good, better or perfect condition for puzzle building, but it is acceptable due to milling that 1 side maybe less than desirable and maybe considered a glue side. We try to avoid this scenario, but certain woods are difficult to mill and unavoidable.ย ย 
  6. Any pieces deemed by both Baz LLC and the customer to be less than satisfactory or have obvious defect (wrong cut size, deformed geometry, crack, etc.) and exceed the wastage limit (100 pieces will be shipped as 104 with 4 defective pieces deemed acceptable) can be refunded in the form of future store credit or be offered a replacement of affected pieces on the customer's next order.
  7. You, the customer, herby understand that the BBB pieces are under the liability of the customer and Baz LLC is not held responsible for any gluing mistakes or actions by the consumer that causes the BBB pieces to be rendered inert.ย 
  8. Any customer questions or requests about BBB can be asked through the website, email, facebook, instagram or any other form of communications either before, during or after a BBB purchase.