Zero Waste Initiative

We here at Baz LLC take our mission statement serious about being part of the solution, never part of the problem, as we try to make the world a better place. Our passion is to teach others current environmental issues that could limit the beauty of our world and access to stock of material for future generations to enjoy what we have today.

Our goal is to reduce our waste so significantly that we strive to have zero waste by using every bit of what mother nature grew; to not pile sawdust and wood scraps into damaging landfills that harm both society and our community. We save and salvage scrap woods and off cuts for other projects, down to small bits for jewelry, keychains, bookmarks and board game pieces. We pride ourselves in knowing even the saw dust has use.

The environmental impact of our personal and business choices are weighed heavily each day; even our choice of materials for packaging are made from recycled booths from our events or incorporate recycled Kraft paper. Our packing material that we use to ship our products around the world is actually shredded college homework paper and old magazines. 

Join our initiative as we reduce, reuse, recycle and most importantly enjoy nature now and forever.

Handmade keychain from upcycle reclaimed woods from cutting board cut offs.